We provide Enterprise Messaging Solution

In this time of mobile revolution, it is extremely important for businesses to stay in touch with technology at all times.

In the present times we see that traditional mediums of advertising such as Television and Newspapers are becoming very expensive. They seem to be much more ineffective in the present day and as compared to Digital and SMS marketing.

Sending a bulk SMS sees an extremely wide outreach as well as reduced costs for any company.

Bulk SMS will improve your marketing and customer communication. Why? Because it is fast, cost-effective, it builds meaningful conversation and is a permission-based (opt-in), which customers appreciate a lot.

Our platform helps you to send Promotional, Marketing, OTP, BULK SMS GATEWAY & API SMS.

Our Communication Channel includes:


As soon as customer finishes transaction, they will receive OTP within 8 seconds

Transactional SMS

Valuable information can be send to customer through  SMS to both DND and non DND numbers

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS can be send to targeted customers with no time in a click button

Voice SMS

Bulk voice messages can be send to customers. It is completely automated process

2-way msg/Long Code

Receive SMS via long code.It is of 2 types: Dedicated long code & Shared long code

Shortcode SMS

Shortcodes are usually used for contests, Tv programmes, voting survey and feedback and other similar services

Miss Call Alert Service

Get real time missed call alerts with customer’s contact details eg. mobile verification

SMPP Connectivity

We supports connections via SMPP protocol and assures instant delivery to India

Bulk Email

Create rich transactional and promotional emails and send them via API or web portal to reach worldwide

Bulk SMS Reseller

We have designed the White Label Reseller Solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS

IVR/Toll Free Number

Provides an automated platform that lets computer interact with humans via voice aand tones

International Bulk SMS

Our SMS gateway delivers text messages in more than 180 countries and is designed for high throughput traffic